Why Us?

Sick of being judged by people because of your tattoos, hair colour, piercings? You have come to the right place.

At tattooed wedding photography we don't judge who you are or how you look!

We work with alternative weddings anywhere in the UK (and abroad).

We pride ourselves on being down to earth and relaxed, whilst also being extremely professional.

We love to capture the real you on your wedding day, not what society expects! Lets have fun capturing your big day!

Do I need Tattoos for you to be our photographer? Of course not! We don't differentiate between any couple, Tattooed Wedding Photography is just a name. 


Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Dan a wedding photographer based in Lincoln. I pride myself on being down to earth, professional and open minded.

I love to travel - road trips are the best!

I also love tattoos - clearly - which is why I chose this target market.

I enjoy capturing the relaxed and fun wedding days of my unique clients and hope I can help capture the memories of your big day.

I am not a fan of the wedding industry and hate the way people use their wedding as a status thing.

Weddings should have three things, 1- The couple. 2- Their loved ones. 3 - Fun! 


Emma - Assistant & Lighting.



Full Day


Full coverage from Bridal Prep to after First Dance.

All images on personalised boxed USB drive.

Day/ Evening


6 hours of coverage (Times chosen by you)

All images on personalised boxed USB drive.

Album Prices

Large: £200 (28×21.5 cm Hardback)

Medium: £140 (33×25 cm Hardback)

Parent Album: £95 (20×15 cm Softback)

All albums have 40 pages

Print Prices

Presentation Box of all prints in 7x5: £150 

Parent Package: Box of 7x5 prints and parent album: £220


Dan & Lianne’s Wedding

The first of December marks the start of Christmas in many households, so what better way to start the celebrations than at a wonderful winter wedding! Dan & Lianne got married at the Best Western just outside Preston on their anniversary and I was lucky person who got to capture their day. I started off […]

Mick & Jo’s Wedding

On Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting Mick and Jo’s wedding day at the Olde House in Chesterfield. A couple of years ago I shot Jo’s Daughter’s wedding, pictured here on the left. It was nice to have lots of familiar faces there and to see some of the little ones who had grown […]

Rachel & Dave’s Anniversary Shoot

I recently did a Wedding Anniversary photoshoot with Rachel and Dave. It was a great chance to get some more use out of her wedding dress and get creative with more time than the wedding day. We also used smoke bombs to create some portraits which was great fun. We started off at Blyth beach where […]

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Do we need Tattoos for you to be our photographer?

Of course not! We don't differentiate between any couple, Tattooed Wedding Photography is just a name.

Are you insured?

Yes for your protection, my protection and my equipment.

How many photos will we get?

You can expect a minimum of around 200-300 fully retouched images depending on the individual wedding. I don’t like the current trend of more is better. 200 unique shots in my eyes is much better than 500 shots that are almost identical!

When can we see our photos?

Normally it is around 2 weeks when I send you your USB stick. Prints and albums take slightly longer.

Do you do group shots.

The real question is do you want group shots? I aim to get a good knowledge of exactly the sort of shots you want on your day and if these include group shots then lets go!

How do we book?

Simply get in touch using my contact section and we will talk about different options and arrange to meet up or skype to decide on your full requirements and I can give you a full quote. To complete your booking a £300 deposit is required with the remaining balance to be paid 4 weeks before your wedding.

Do you only do weddings in Lincoln?

No not at all. I cover the whole UK and abroad. I have a huge passion for travelling and exploring new places so I love it when I get to mix my passion for travelling with my passion for photography. There may be a small travel charge added for further afield weddings but I try to keep this to a minimum. You are already paying enough money!

Do you send us a contract?

Yes, I will email this to you or provide a paper copy, which will outline everything to expect before, during and prior to your wedding day.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! If you are a last minute booking or are getting married during the week then I offer a reduced rate. Get in touch with more details and I will see what we can arrange.